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**Room 23 Student Work**

Camp Hi-Hill Science Camp Reports

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Student Name

Student Work

1. Vanessa

CHH..Folk Dancing

2. Vanessa

Camp Hi-Hill Story

3. Javier CHH..Horse Thief Canyon

Poem..This world belongs to

4. Jenny
6. Aaron

Poem..X-mas will be here

Poem..X-mas is over Good Times at Camp
7. Antwon CHH..Horse Thief Canyon
8. Deion
9. Amber

Thanksgiving Horrors

Camp Hi-Hill Story Poem..School
Poem..The Flower Star-Constellation Story
10. Alexis
11. Marcos

CHH..A Special Rock

12. Candice
13. Francis
14. Yiselys
15. Sarah

The Pot

CHH. Holding up a Mountain

16. James CHH..Horse Thief Canyon Poem..Winter is here
17. Troy Poem..Flower Flower
18. Lokilani CHH..Stacy Counselor Poem..Stars
19. Latoya
20. Steph Poem..Friendship
21. Alfredo
22. Aubry CHH..Night Hike
23. Josh
24. Moses CHH..Red Beards Hide Out Poem..Bald Thin Man
25. Mike Poem..The Ocean
26. Derek
27. Matt
28. Ras My Favorite Camp Trip
29. Joi
30. Ashlee
31. Colby The Boy Cried
32. Anthony
33. Manuel
34. David
35. Josue
Mr. Pepek


Troop 29

Colonial Women


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