My Adventures at Camp Hi-Hill


   This is the story of Camp Hi Hill.  

by: a student in room 23.  I had a lot of crazy and exciting adventures with my friends.

    My cabin leaders name was Alofa, and she was very, very, very funny.  Also I had 8 other students in the cabin with me. Two other students were from Madison, and six others were from Naples.  One person in my cabin was so hilarious you would fall on the floor holding your stomach so that your guts would not fall out.  My cabin was named Cedar, my co-counselor was Cesar, and his cabin was Opid.  My trail guide was Maria, and my tables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner were tables 1 and 2. 

   My favorite activity that I did was the all day hike. It was fantastic.  I got to climb up and down three waterfalls with my friends.  I heard about eight stories at Hi-Hill. They were named Lady Bug Canyon, The Red Bat, Goldsmith`s Cabin, Big Red`s Hideout in Horse Thief Canyon, Shicha-Bob, Buffalo, Mountain Lion, and Bear.

    This was a wonderful experience.  I just wish that I could go back to Hi Hill, and do it all over again.  Especially if Alofa was there.    


by Amber # 9




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