The Exciting Things About Camp Hi Hill

            I'm going to tell you about all the fun things we we did at camp. When the bus stopped at Red Box, we got off the bus and went to different groups.  There was a group for boys and for girls.  After all of the students got to their group,  the trail teachers called your name out loud and told you who was going to be in your group and who your counselor was going to be.  We lined up, hiked down a beautiful trail, and went to a cabin to be invited to the first lunch that we had at camp.

            When we arrived to the dinning hall we lined up with all of the other kids. We did the flag salute, sang a song, and then went inside to eat.  After we ate lunch we went to go look for our luggage.  We found our luggage and went to a cabin to put our luggage away.  We found out that we did not have a cabin so Mr. Pepek called us "The Nomads".

        After we put our luggage away we went to meet our trail teacher. Her name was Angela, and was a very nice person.  We played a name game to learn everybody and we had to tell our and our favorite animal.

         Later that night, we had a sparkle party after we went on our nighttime solo walk.  I didn't get to have the sparkles in my mouth though, but I enjoyed it because I just looked at my friends and saw they were having a good time.


by  Vanessa  #2

Room 23



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