Holding Up A Mountain

On our last day at camp Hi Hill we went on a hike to Ladybug Canyon.  We had to hike up a dirt road about one mile to the Red Box Ranger Station and when we arrived there, we got a birdy drink. (A birdy drink is when you put your head back and a councilor or a trail teacher gives you a drink without you putting your mouth on the bottle.)  Then we crossed the road and went on hiking, first down then up, then down again, and back up. The clouds were so low that you could see the top of a distant mountain.   Mr. Pepek took a picture of  Lokilani and I holding up a mountain.  It was pretty hard  because the mountain was very heavy.  Later on, we hiked up to the Ladybug Canyon and ate next to a river in a riparian environment.  There weren't very many lady bugs because it was extremely cold that day. We hiked all the way back to our cabins took showers and went to dinner.

    By: Sarah #15



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