My Special Camp


One time I went camping with my dad mom brother big brother. We went up to Big Bear and we stayed  up there for 3 nights.  My big brother and I went snow boarding and ice fishing . We went hiking and found an abandoned tree house.  My brother almost stepped on a squirrel, blue jay and a wood pecker that were inside.   There was a man that had a dog  that was as big as me. When the dog got up every morning it would come and wait for us on the steps.  He would chase you if you ran. We saw a bear cave and my brother threw a rock in the cave.  The bear woke up and chased my brother and me.   I ran smack into a tree.  I fell down, got back up and was crying and running when we got in our cabin.  My mom put ice on my head and I was much better.

by:  Ras   #28


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