The Horrors of Thanksgiving

By: Amber #9

Be careful reading this story, for it will give you terrible dreams that you will not soon forget.

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    It all began on November 26, Thanksgiving Day, when all of our relatives had left from our family get together. There was still half of the Thanksgiving turkey left which we were planning to save for the next night. We had used the wishbone, (to make a wish) and my mom had beaten my Aunt Suzanne. She never told us what she wished for, but I thought that I would soon find out. My cousins had left at about 8 o'clock at night. I took a shower at about 9:30 and went to bed at 10:00.

    I was lying down trying to fall asleep while staring at the glowing stars on my ceiling. I started to get drowsy but then suddenly out of the quiet hall I heard an unusually strange sound. It was like a shriek but in a low voice. I started to get scared so I pulled up the covers over my head and closed my eyes. Suddenly it was quiet again in the hall, so I waited a few seconds and got up to search around.

    I got up very cautiously and walked into the hall. My mom's room was right around the corner so I went there first. I opened the door as softly as I could. It creaked a little, but it wasn't like the sound I had heard. I looked around and everything seemed okay. My mom was in a deep sleep with our cat Chloe at her side. I looked around a little more but I was satisfied that everything in there was okay.

    Next I went across to my grampa and grandma's room. There was also nothing in there except for the sound of my grandpa snoring. I crept around their room to the front den and found that there was also nothiontng in there, except the VCR light blinking 12:00…12:00…12:00. It was extremely dark in the den so I was gravely frightened.

    I started walking through the living room. There was a dim light shinning through the window of our front door. So I felt a little more comfortable. Next I was in our dining room with the large oak table in the center. My parakeet was shrieking as I walked into the room, but it still wasn't the sound I had heard earlier. My bird has a high pitch voice. Finally, the last room I had to check out was the kitchen. I had a bad feeling about it but I was brave enough to proceed into the darkness.

    I cautiously started to explore as I stepped towards the kitchen. The moment I peered onto the floor I instinctively started to scream. I screamed so loud that it woke up the whole neighborhood. My mom, grandpa, and grandma came rushing down to me. There, on the floor, in front of us was the half turkey running around shrieking in a low pitch voice. My grandpa quickly got a hammer out of the kitchen cabinet and smashed it.

    That night was the most unbelievable experience in my whole entire life! I hope I never have to live through any experience like that again. My mom is always trying to tell people about this experience, but they have never believed her and now everyone thinks that she is wacko.

The End


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