The Mystery of the Stars

    You are now entering the time warp of "The Mystery's of the Stars."

    Haven't you ever wondered where space ends?  And if it does, what is beyond it? We are going to be exploring the beyond, and hearing a funny story about  a girl named Julie, who is telling her little obnoxious brother how the stars and constellations formed, and what and how we got an eclipse. 

    It all began on a bright summer day.  The air was crisp and you could listen to the beautiful sound of the mocking birds communicating with each other.  Julie and Tommy were lying on the grass staring into the dark blue sky.   A few moments later Tommy had a question, "Jule, why are there stars and why are they named?"

    "Well it began in 1645..." Julie began, "and there was a king whose name was John S. the Third.  He ruled the stars.   Everyday he would go and check on Leo the Lion, Draco the Dragon, The Little Bear and the Great Bear.  They were all on the a giant cloud behind a big locked gate.  They were also named by King John S. the Third.  Leo was named after the king's great grandfather King John H. the First.  The Great Bear was named that for strength.   Great Bear which we call the Big Dipper had a baby bear who we call the Little Dipper.  One day the prince of space went to play with the Little Bear.  He played with him for awhile, and then left, but he forgot one thing.  What he forgot was to lock the gate behind him.   Little Bear got out and wondered around, that is how we received our first eclipse."            

    "What's an eclipse?" Tommy interrupted.

    "Huh?Oh," she murmured as she was coming back to reality. "Well it's when Little Bear goes in front of the moon." " Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted!" she said firmly." It became a huge mess, all the constellations went wild, and that is how they got into space."

    "Dinner is served!" their mother yelled.

    "Dinner time, good cause I am hungry," Julie said, as she rushed in to the dinner table. 

    Tommy took one last look at the dark black sky.  And he wondered, "I wonder how long space goes, and if it does end what is beyond it?"

    "Come on!" his mother yelled.

    "Coming!" he yelled back.

by Amber # 9



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