Times At Camp

    How was your time at camp?  Mine was excellent!  Sometimes our counselor got a little grumpy but I can see why.  But that didn't stop me, I still had a wonderful time!  One of my favorite things all of the hikes that we took from day to day.  But the best hike of all was the night hike.  The reason why it was, was because we were actually out with real wildlife.  Can you believe that?   Aren't you amazed?!!! 

    Let's talk about breakfast.  "Hey hopper, it's time for you to go get the lamp chops and steaks and pork chops".  No not really!!!! We ate well, but not that well.   "The foods here!" ding .....ding......!!!!! "Lets get stuffed because I'm ready to get grubbing.  How bout you?"   Well hopper go take back all the dishes,  back to the front counter, and get us desseeert chocolate cake, pppllllease. Um um good."

    Now back to our cabin for a  restroom brake. "Do you have to use it?  BECAUSE  I I I I I I I I  DO!!"  Well, now off on our day time hike.  Crunch crunch crunch, we've been walk-in' for 3 hours and I want dinner.  So let's go.  I just know you're hungry because were having southern fried steak ummm ummm good!!  Crunch, all the people rush in.  1 hour passes and we have dessert.  

    Crunch......... Crunch.... We all march to our cabin for a restroom break.  Then its time for a night hike.  2 hours pass. March....... March...... March back to our cabin.  PUT YOUR PJ'S ON !!!!! AND GET IN BED!!!

If we're quiet we get a bedtime story.

Once upon a time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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