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Camp Hi-Hill

Student Stories


This is a student web-page with stories, poems and articles about their trip to Camp Hi-Hill.  Camp Hi-Hill is a science education outdoor school located in the Los Angeles National Forest.  The opportunity to attend Camp-Hi Hill is given to all fifth graders in the Long Beach Unified School District.

1. Vanessa

CHH..Folk Dancing

2. Vanessa

Camp Hi-Hill Story

3. Javier CHH..Horse Thief Canyon
6. Aaron

Good Times at Camp

7. Antwon CHH..Horse Thief Canyon
9. Amber Camp Hi-Hill Story
11. Marcos

CHH..A Special Rock

15. Sarah

CHH. Holding up a Mountain

16. James CHH..Horse Thief Canyon
18. Lokilani CHH..Stacy Counselor
22. Aubry CHH..Night Hike
24. Moses CHH..Red Beards Hide Out
28. Ras My Favorite Camp Trip


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