Horse Thief Canyon at Camp Hi-Hill


        Horse Thief Canyon is a place were you climb up ropes and rocks.  There is a watery side and a dry side that you can climb up.  It's sort of a long hike but anyone can make it from the Hi-Hill camp.  The canyon was named that because in the 1800's, Red Beard and his gang used to steal horses and go to the canyon.  They died in a crazy shootout where all of them were slaughtered.  I loved imagining me as one of the horse thieves, but I survived.

        We left Wednesday afternoon to Horse Thief Canyon.  I had imagined the wall I was going to climb would be real high, about 20 feet high was my estimate. About half way there, our trail teacher, whose name was Pat, told us to get a rock.  We had to stop to get an igneous rock that had an intrusion in it.

        As we hiked, we had to cross through a lot yucca plants and I had to be careful not to get poked.  After that we headed to Opid's summer cabin.  ''A great huge bear went inside the cabin'', Pat said. The cabin was like a hotel but the man who owned it always left the door open. So a bear went inside and ate all the food inside.  The bear also saw the bed and he was so full that he went to sleep.  I think someone went into the cabin and saw the bear and almost got attacked.  You could see paw prints where the bear had been.

        We went on and crossed a couple of streams to get to the canyon. We finally got there and it was 15  feet tall. There was a dry place to go up and the other side had a water fall.  I was the 4th one to go up on the watery side. It was very slippery with the algae growing, but we had a rope.   We had lots of fun!

        I  wonder if I will ever be able to go back to camp again.  (Maybe when I am old enough to be a counselor) If you have the opportunity to go, you will have lots of fun.  Oh, after our hike, we just barely made it back in time for dinner.


By: Moses #24





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