My counselors name was Stacy and she did lots of fun things.  I am going to tell you about is how nice she is, what she looks like and lots more.  She is a person I want to more like.

    Stacy was very kind to the people in my cabin and to many other children and counselors.  She helped people when they needed it, and even when they didn't need any help at all.  There was a hike we went on when we were going to the mesa for the first time.  I was walking and I tripped over a root that was right under my foot.  She helped me get up and she told me that everything will be ok. Even though it hurt, I got up and continued on.  By the next day I felt much better.  That made me feel more energetic.

    Stacy is about 5"5.  She has hair that is blackish brownish.  (dirty blonde)  She is going to be 18 on Dec, 11, 1998.   Every day she wore pants because, it was freezing cold.  There was this one fluffy jacket she wore every day too.  One time when I forgot my sweater, she let me use hers.  She was hot on that cold day (at least that's what she told me) and she let me use her jacket until we got into a warm place.

    Stacy knows how to make someone feel good.  She puts lots of time and effort in what she does for you.  I really had fun going to Horse Thief Canyon, Lady Bug Canyon, and to the Mesa.  It would be great if your counselor is named Stacy because, she is very fun to have.  Hope you have a tremendous time at Camp Hi Hill like I did!!

by  Loki  #18


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