Night Hike

        Our class went to Camp Hi Hill last week.   We went on a lot of hikes, but my favorite one was the night hike.  We brought our flash lights along, but we rarely used.  We had night vision.  We found a dark place, but it was hard to find because of the moon light.  We had to let our eyes adjust to the dark and be like bats.  Every one thought they saw or heard animals.  But there weren't any out there because they're afraid of us.   ''I wonder if they knew that we were afraid of them too.'' 

    After we were done being bats we had a challenge.  To do a solo walk.  We had to walk alone down the trail.  Of course I was a scaredy cat and didn't go on the solo walk.   I went on the 10 feet apart walk which was still scary.  For excepting the challenge and completing it got to have a sparkle party.  It was so cool!  Then we went back to camp and went to sleep. 

By Aubry #22


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