Ileana's Hands-on Trip to

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California, USA


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Ileana, Kelsey, Katherine and Kimberly at the Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach.

Sitting for a scenic photo at Shoreline Village with the city skyline in the background.

Ileana standing in front of Lake Pyramid.  This was the first stop on our trek of California.  Notice the tank-top and beautiful warm weather.

The COLDEST winter you will ever have is a summer in SAN FRANCISCO

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Brrrrr.... Two days later in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The fog was rolling in.

We drove down the crookedest street in the world.

Pier 39 - We were lucky to have jackets

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This is the park where

Mike Meyers sat when

filming the movie:

"I Married an Ax Murderer"

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Spending time with Jeremy at the world's best chocolate factory

Sitting at Alamo Park with 6 beautiful Victorian homes and the city skyline in the background.

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Standing at the Grand Canyon

Standing next to the TALLEST thermometer in the world in Baker California. Temp=102

Stanging at Kodak theater where the OSCAR Award ceremony takes place.  The HOLLYWOOD sign is barely visible on the hill behind us.

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Standing in NEW YORK NEW YORK casino on Greenwich and Broadway Street

King Tut at THE LUXOR

Paris Hotel- Arc de Triumph

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On the Hollywood Star Walk outside the LION KING show.   We got lucky and sat on the first row in the center.  What a great show!!!


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I hope you have enjoyed the photos.  If you are planning to visit Central America and would like information about it, feel free to e-mail me at



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