Costa Rica Water Activities     

CR-RaftJimGreg.jpg (32672 bytes) Jim and Greg stopping for lunch after an afternoon of Class 3 river rafting about an hour outside of La Fortuna.  We had to avoid a great deal of rocks that were in the river, but that is part of rafting.  The river is fed by a hydro-electric dam that releases water everyday in the morning.  It was nice to know we were rafting on pure clean Costa Rican water.
We ate an incredible lunch.  Fresh pineapple, guava, watermelon and other assorted fruits.  That definitely gave us the energy to finish the trip. CR-RaftLunch.jpg (15104 bytes)

CR-JimDrinkH2O.jpg (19133 bytes)

Jim transforms himself into a giant and stops to take a drink from the 150 foot tall Catarata de La Fortuna.  "It was refreshing drinking over 300 gallons of fresh river water every second," answered Giant Jim.
After changing back into regular size (he couldn't fit in the car) Jim looks out over a crocodile infested river in the early evening.  It is definitely a harrowing experience knowing all those man eaters are out there lurking just below the surface.  You can see a couple in the bottom left hand side of the foto. CR-JimLookRiver.jpg (15527 bytes)
CR-ManuelView.jpg (20039 bytes) View from atop a bluff at Manuel Antonio.  During the 30 minute hike we saw many animals including lizards, iguanas, sloths and white faced monkeys.
Sarongs swaying in the wind at Playa Manuel Antonio. CR-Sarongs.jpg (29773 bytes)
CR-SunsetSiloBrdPers.jpg (11999 bytes) A brilliant sunset sinking below Mal Pais and Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula.  A massive seagull looks to eat a tiny person standing on the waters edge.

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I hope you have enjoyed the photos.  If you are planning to visit Central America and would like information about it, feel free to e-mail me at


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