Volcan Pacaya

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This is a photo of Volcan Pacaya.  The four of us braved the lava, sulfur gas, the cold, and the peanut butter and crackers for lunch. (other groups took cold cuts and sandwiches with fruits and vegetables)  L to R - John, Beth, Greg, Brenda.

This is the "Liquid Hot Magma" of the volcano.  At this point it was 100 degrees and the sulfur gas was suffocating.

Picaya-Lava2.jpg (7202 bytes)

Picaya-LavaGreg2.jpg (9061 bytes) This is me getting as close, but not too close, to the lava.  The best piece of equipment I took was the handkerchief.  Without, I wouldn't have been able to breath.  My lungs and eyes burned for afterward.   Sulfur gas and water get together to form Sulfuric Acid.
San Andres

San Andreas was an interesting place.  It is located about 10 miles from Antigua.  There is a special religion that is practiced there.  It is a cross between Christianity and a Mayan religion.  There are sacrifices and offerings to Moshimon, a god like figure that smokes and drinks rum.   Thousands of different colored candles,`each with its own significance, are used.   Live sacrifices like this chicken are the norm.  Before this chicken was sacrificed it was beaten over the body of a man and his child.  It was then placed on this fire and burned.  Later, after the fire had died out, dogs came in from the street and ate the charbroiled chicken.

SanAndres-ChickSacrifice2.jpg (7891 bytes)


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EL Salvador

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One beautiful summer day in Antigua I met 2 wonderful young ladies from El Salvador, Julie and Maria,  and they invited me to their house to spend the weekend with their family.  We spent time traveling throughout the country and spent time at their beach house in La Libertad.

ElSal-Family2.jpg (7982 bytes)

This is a photo of the family from El Salvador.   They were muy amable.  For one dinner we ate pupusas, native food of El Salvador.  It is 2 tortillas stuffed with cheeses and meats and then cooked on a grill.

We spent the afternoon at San Andes, a mayan ruin located about 20 miles west of San Salvador.  Although smaller than Tikal, it had interesting ruins.  If you look in the background, you can see some of the ruins.

ElSal-Mayan-Group2.jpg (5873 bytes)

ElSal-SD-JulGrg-Fish2.jpg (5984 bytes)

After a day at the beach, we walked on the pier in San Diego, about 1 mile from La Libertad, and bought fish for a future dinner.  The pier was filled with different types of fish.  Dried, salted, alive, and dead.  Pat, you would have a field day with all the fish in these waters.

More pictures of my stay in  El Salvador

Lago Atitlan

Atilan-LakeVoPedro2.jpg (10114 bytes)

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes.  It is a tranquil location to relax and enjoy one's self.   Volcan San Pedro is in the background.  My friend Flor and I rode bicycles up and over the volcano.  I would have more photos of the excursion but the film developers accidentally exposed it.  Photo Courtesy of Beth Defuse
Here is a picture of my friend Beth posing in front of Volcan San Pedro.  That is the same volcano that I rode my bike over with Flor. Atitlan3BethBoat.jpg (14349 bytes)


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