Costa Rican Animal Life     7

Through my Camera Lens

CR-Iguana.jpg (22541 bytes)

An iguana crawling through a tree at Parque National Manuel Antonio

CR-SLoth.jpg (27486 bytes)

The ever graceful 3 toed sloth.  They move so slowly and deliberately.  Such a joy to see.

CR-MonoTree.jpg (26121 bytes)

CR-MonoBoca.jpg (22370 bytes)

This White Faced Monkey is cruisin' throught the canopy.  Would you like to touch my monkey?

Open wide.  Monos Caras Blancas may look fierce, but he was just showing us his pearly whites.  Costa Rica is known for their great and inexpensive dental care.

CR-JJSG-ManuelBeach.jpg (29623 bytes)

This group of monkeys pause for a picture at the beach at Manuel Antonio.

01cr-f-Tucan.jpg (11142 bytes)

Tucan Sam in La Fortuna (my fave foto)

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