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The teachers are fabulous at my school.   Dressing in traditional local clothes was only one of the methods used to help me speak Spanish almost fluently in only 3 months.  

This is the view from the top of the city and Volcan de Agua from the terrace of the school.  The terrace is higher than most other houses so you get a clear view of the city.

Ant-2AguaDeSchool.jpg (7057 bytes)

Ant-2MyStreetVAgua.jpg (7165 bytes)

I walk down Septima Calle (this street) every morning and get to this point at about 7:50 am.  I stop and absorb the majesty of Volcan de Agua and appreciate the what nature has given to this city.  This image is plastered in my mind.

THE MERCED, 1694.  An absolute beautiful church located at the north end of Antigua.  It is located about two blocks from my school.

Ant-2Merced.jpg (9650 bytes)

Ant-2ArchAgua.jpg (9514 bytes)

ARCO DE SANTA CATARINA is located just south of The Merced on Quinto Avenida.  This famous landmark is a walkway that was built to connect two sides of a convent so the nuns wouldn't have to walk across the streets.

This is Volcan de Fuego.  It looms somewhat quietly over the city.  The plume of smoke coming out the top is because the volcano is active.  There are 30 volcanoes in Guatemala, many of which are active.  2 active volcanoes are within 10 miles are Antigua

Ant-Fuego-Ssmoke2.jpg (6847 bytes)

Ant-FuentePC-JulMarGrg2.jpg (8642 bytes)

La Fuente en Parque Central.  I am standing with my friends Julissa and Maria from El Salvador.  Volcan de Agua looms in the background of the photo.

Convento de la Compania de Jesus.   There is a daily market in front of this 400 year old convent.

Ant-MarGregMarket2.jpg (10019 bytes)

Leticia Resting2.jpg (8968 bytes)

Leticia is a vendor from the city of San Antonio Aguas Caliente.  Her family hand makes several types of high-quality hand made products like rugs, place mats and table cloths.   I sit and talk with her several times a week and she helps me with my Spanish.   I know most of the vendors and their children who sell their handicrafts in the street and park and enjoy pleasant conversations with them.

Part of a family of venders that sell hand made crafts near Arco de Santa Catarina.  (back to front) Iris, Elva, and Paula.  I also sit and talk with these three and their other family members.  Volcan de Agua is in the background.

Ant-2ArchVenders.jpg (9464 bytes)

Ant-RoadWork2.jpg (11677 bytes)

I love this photo.  It shows the construction of the road leading to central park.  Notice that there are no barriers around the work area and people are walking through it.  There are huge holes and piles of rocks that have to be walked around.  Be careful here because you are always responsible for yourself in Guatemala.
There are many reasons to love Guatemala.  One is that you are responsible for yourself and only yourself in all situations.  This is a FIREWORK person bull running through a crowd of a 1000 people in Central Park.  There are fireworks attached to and shooting off this thing.  If you didn't get out of the way you got run over and burned.  "The packed crowd parted like the Red Sea and made an aisle for the bull to run" FireWorkBull2.jpg (4674 bytes)

Ant-33CuartoDesk.jpg (16430 bytes)Ant-33Cuarto.jpg (20269 bytes)

This is a my room.  I built a a couple of shelves, put up some pictures and made it like home.

Ant-3ParadeBigHeads.jpg (25621 bytes)

There are always activites in the streets of Antigua.   Here, local girls play a miniature marimba while boys with huge heads dance in the background.

Ant-3GregCyrillPark.jpg (7700 bytes)

Cyrill and Greg in Parque Central

birthday2.jpg (7750 bytes)

Here is a photo of a birthday party for the 3 of us in July.  Our birthdays all fell within 3 days of each other.  We enjoyed Dominoes Pizza and soda (there is proof in the photo) and a strawberry cake.  Thanks Miguel.   Muy Amable.

This is a typical open air market in Guatemala.  Fruits and vegetables, chicken, meat, and anything else you could think of are sold here.  It is like a huge Cosco-Price Club. People buy food daily here in Antigua.

Mercado-Pepsi2.jpg (8673 bytes)



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