Costa Rica

What a fabulous place this is. Everywhere you go there is life. FAUNA and FLORA It is all around us. But with all life, there is a necessity for water and you can definitely find that here.

This is Catarata La Paz. It is located near Volcan Poas on a side road that isn't easy to find. The river from this water fall runs under one of the oldest wood bridges in Costa Rica. It was built by the United States Corps of Engineers in about 1918. There are myriad water falls from this same river in a very short distance. You can see several water falls in this photo. The trail was beautiful. It was built by a hotel that is close by. This cove is loved by waterfall enthusiasts all over the world.

CR-Catarata La Paz Up High.jpg (21742 bytes)

Here is Jim at Volcan Poas. An active volcano 50 kilometers from San Jose. The clouds you see in the background are sulfuric gas that is being released by the volcano. Fumeroles are also venting in the right side of the picture just above the crater filled pool.

CR-JimPoas.jpg (16959 bytes) After visiting the crater, there is a 20 minute nature trail that takes you to a second crater. The water here is too acidic and no fish or other large life live within it. ( but I am sure that there is a lot of bacteria thriving on dead organic matter)
CR-JimArenalHotel.jpg (10327 bytes) This is the view from our palatial hotel in the city of La Fortuna. We were "fortunate" to see Volcan Arenal clearly for there were no clouds. This is a wonderful base location for local sightseeing. I kept telling James the volcano was to his left but he just stared off in the distance.
CR-HorseJim.jpg (29290 bytes) Here is Jim riding a horse to the zip line tour out of La Fortuna.

Jim repelling through the canopy during the zip line tour. Jim was quoted as saying, "Being above the trees and seeing the life living within them is an experience of a lifetime". This free hanging repel line was from about 120 feet up. Jim looks like a pro!

CR-JimFallLine.jpg (27035 bytes)

Greg is cruising through the canopy on a zip line. The life in the trees is wild. Take a look at the bromeliads growing on the branches. I am up about 86 feet in this foto.

CR-ZipLineGreg.jpg (25898 bytes)


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