Amigos From El Salvador

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Jules and Greg in San Diego

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Antigua... Jules-Greg-Maria

Ant-3ElSalv-3CarmGreg.jpg (7823 bytes)

Greg and Carmen in Antigua


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Friends Forever

Ant-3ElSalv-3Dinner.jpg (10425 bytes)

A dinner at Picadilly's

ElSal-Mayan-Group2.jpg (5873 bytes)

Spending time at a Mayan Ruin

Ant-JulMar-SomBar2.jpg (11716 bytes)

The Best Hermanas in El Mundo


ElSal-Family2.jpg (7982 bytes)

A Family Portrait

Thanks for all the great memories we have shared.  

Love you gals,



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P1-Guatemala, Antigua Aug2000 P2-Guatemala, Tikal Sept2000 P3 -Guatemala, Pacaya, El Salvador, Lago Atitlan, Sept2000
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P8-CR-House Warming Party June2001 P9-CR- Greg's Bday July2001 P10-CR- Ileana's Bday Aug2001 P11-CR- Ileana and Greg in La Fortuna 2001
P12-Guatemala, Lost 'shots' from Monterrico 2000

I hope you have enjoyed the photos.  If you are planning to visit Central America and would like information about it, feel free to e-mail me at


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