June 17 - 19, 2005

Sunday morning we sleep in until after 8:00 am. Christian and others made the morning coffee run. Around 9:00 am we started our Chorizo and eggs breakfast.
Our moorings, Lima 17 & 18.
Our dinghies.
After breakfast and a couple shore runs we began to prepare the boats for the trip home. Craig and Tyler went snorkeling near shore.
We left Two Harbors around 1:30pm and motor sailed towards Palos Verdes until we cleared the island's windshade. In years past the wind seldom gained enough strength to allow us to sail home. Today was an expection. Once clear of the windshade the winds were around 10 knots and the seas 2-4 feet. Both boats were making approximately 6 knots.
The winds continued to build, sustaining 10-15 knots when we were halfway home. Even though we were not heading into the wind we still made 6 - 6.5 knots of speed, sailing at a beam reach. .
When we closer to LA Harbor the winds grew to 15-20 knots. We alternating between beam and broad reaches, averaging 6.5 knots hitting as high as 7.5 knots on occaision. Cheng Ho had to let her sails out a little to slow down enough to stay with Chantey. Both boats sailed quite close to each other until...
About six miles off the Breakwater one of Cheng Ho's cushions fell overboard. Her crewed then performed a Cushion Overboard Rescue Drill. After the second pass Tyler and William, working together, rescued the cushion from the ocean. In order for Cheng Ho to catch up to Chantey, her sails were trimmed for speed. In the picture at left, above the speaker you can see Cheng Ho in the dsitance (very easy to see on the enlarged picture)
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