June 17 - 19, 2005

Since Skipper Lonny was unable to get our normal weekend off of work we had to move our annual June Catalina trip to Fathers Day weekend. Both boats made the trip. Cheng Ho was crewed by Lonny, John, Craig, William, and Tyler. Chantey was crewed by Robert, Christian, Harold, Stephen, and RJ.
We met as usual on Friday night to stow the food and prepare the boats for the weekend. Christian and Stephen reviewed parts of the boat, then all were in bed by 11:00 pm.
We all awoke at 6:00 am, had breakfast, and after a few delays left the dock around 7:50 am. On the trip over the crew rotated between helm and lookout. The morning fog had lifted early and we could actually see the island from the Breakwater. Seas were 3-6 foot with the occaisional 8. Winds were approximately 10 knots. This made for a fun trip going over.
After picking up our moorings the crew of Cheng Ho prepared to launch the dinghy.
After we launched the dinghy and made an initial shore run we relaxed and enojyed our BBQ Beef Sandwiches around 1:30 pm.
After such a filling lunch and given a not very warm day we decided to hike over to Catalina Harbor rather than swim around Two Harbors. Harold, Robert, Christian, and RJ hiked all the way to the mouth of Cat Harbor. Lonny, William, Stephen hiked to Cat Harbor, then to the bluff overlooking our boats (see Page 2 for pictures).
This picture shows the setting sun reflecting off of some houses in Palos Verdes on the mainland. Since the sun sets over the hills (see next picture) really nice sunset pictures are difficult to find.
We combined our resources on dinner: John cooked the Chicken Cordon Bleu on Cheng Ho while Chantey's crew prepared the vegetables. We tied each end of our dinghy to either boat, giving us an easy (and gas efficient) method of moving people and supplies from boat to boat.
We always try to set a high standard for all our meals. John's Chicken Cordon Bleu has raised the bar even higher. This could be a hard meal to surpass.
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