5th Ultimate Adventure: BVI

Day Seven - August 4, 2012

Departing: Saba Rock, Virgin Gorda
Day Stop: none
Night Stop: Anegada

Day seven is long 15 mile sail to Anegada, a coral atoll north of Virgin Gorda.

Day Stop: none.

The day will be spend sailing the 15 miles to Anegada. We need to leave by 9:00 am to ensure we arrive at the island with the Sun overhead, to better spot the coral reef surrounding the island. The entrance channel for the anchorage is extremely small, and marked with only a few marker bouys.



Overnight Stop: Anegada.

Unlike the other Virgin Islands, Anegada is a coral atoll approximately 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, BVI. Horseshoe Reef stretches for 18 miles, is the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean and the fourth largest barrier reef on Earth. Ashore, the interior of Anegada is home to saltwater ponds that are home to Caribbean Flamingo. We will eating out during our two nights here, as the seafood is caught fresh, local and excellent.



Spending the night on the boat, moored at Anegada.