Joshua Tree Outing

When: November 19-21
Meet: Friday Night, 5:30 pm, at Bixby
Return: Sunday Afternoon, approximately 3:00pm to Bixby
Fee: $20.00 Due on November 8 (plus patrol food costs)
Estimated Drive time: 3 hours
Expected Temperatures: Day 71°, Night 49°, Sunny.
Sunrise: 6:09 am
Sunset: 4:43 pm

Outing Coordinator: Robert McClure

Joshua Tree is certainly one of the better places we go to each year. We have the same campsites as last year, plus a few more, giving us plenty of room for tents and kitchens. Our annual compass course (for that pesky First Class requirement) and other outdoor advancement requirements will be the focus of the weekend. The weather looks to be just about perfect, and though it will be a full moon, with any luck we will have a clear sky at night for some great star gazing.

Joshua Tree is a desert region so drinking lots of water and wearing suncreen is important. Don't forget your wide mouth water bottle, as we will have plenty of cool water and/or juice available all weekend. Also, wearing comforable clothes and using sunscreen are important in keeping yourself healthy and happy while away from home (as well as once you are back home). Please consult the Suggested Pack List or ask your Patrol Leader if you have any questions on gear.

Food will be cooked by patrol, with each patrol responsible for buying and cooking their own meals. This is a great place to do that First Class cooking requirement, since there is usually plenty of daylight and everyone is pretty hungry. Scouts are advised to bring some money with them for lunch on Sunday. We will be leaving camp around 12pm and stopping for lunch on the trip home.

Parents please make sure you have signed and returned the rock climbing authorization AND the Troop 29 Parent Permission form that was sent home with the outing flyer. Per BSA regulation, no Scout will be allowed to attend the outing without both of these signed forms in our possession.

Our Suggested Pack List is available, as are the Troop 29 Ten Essentials.

More information on Joshua Tree in general is available at and the National Parks website.