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Weather Forecast: Weather Channel.
Wind Summary: NOAA P.O.R.T.S

There are only a couple items most of us bring on a day sail. Most people bring a water bottle, since we don't always have our water tanks filled (depending on the time of year) and it is not always convienent to go below to get water. Both boats have an ice chest for keeping beverages and lunches cool. Depending on the weather, a light to medium jacket that repels water is always a good choice. This will usually fit in a small duffel bag, which makes it easy to collect yourself when we return to port.

Please remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. It will not always be very warm, but there is lots of glare on a boat (and especially the water) and all three of these are needed. Again, ask any of our Crew members for some advice.