Chantey is a 32' sloop-rigged sailboat built by Challenger Yachts in approximately 1976. Chantey measures 11.5' at her beam, has a maximum 4' draft at the tip of her fin keep, and displaces approximately 12,800 pounds.

Ship 529 acquired Chantey in 1993. That version of Chantey was much simpler than the current one. She had wooden handrails, a simpler steering console, and much less electronic gear. Since acquiring Chantey we have added stainless steel handrails, a stainless steel toe rail, moved the stanchoins out a few inches to give us more room to walk, and significantly upgraded her helm controls and electronics.

In comparing our two boats Chantey can be thought of as the "deluxe" model. Her teak and mahogany woodwork make the interior of her cabin very attractive. The vinyl padding on the ceiling gives a softer feel to the cabins and bunks. While her cabin is small, there is a great amount of storage space available if you know where to look.

Chantey was seen in the background scene of several episodes of "CSI: Miami" filmed at the Seabase.

In 2009 the Hallmark movie "Safe Harbor" filmed on-location at the Long Beach Seabase as a stand-in for the youth center in the movie. Our fellow Sea Scout Ship Conquest was the featured vessel in the movie. Chantey was used in the background scene of several shots in the movie, and was also in the flotilla of boats escorting Conquest back to harbor. Our Committee Chair Nick Liddi was at Chantey's helm.