Chicken and Rice
Pre-cooked Chicken (canned works best)
Boil-in-Bag Rice
Approximate Prep Time of Food: 5 minutes       Approximate Cooking Time: 30-45 minutes
Fill a large pot with enough water to cook the rice and bring it to a boil. While the water is boiling begin the other preparations. Depending on light level you will want to get your dinner water early enough so you won't be getting water or cooking in the dark.
Once the is brought to a boil submerge the rice bags. Use a fork to move the bags if necessary and to remove them once finshed cooking.
After the rice has finished cooking remove it and dump out the water. You can be creative and use the water for hot beverages or cleaning utensils. The water is slightly starchy but otherwise normal.
Open the rice bags and pour them into the pot. Add the chicken to the rice at this time. Stir the entire meal around, allowing the rice to heat the chicken. This will take a minute or two. Eat immediately.
Expert Tip: If you buy canned chicken, which works best for this meal, remove it from the can and store it in a zip-lock BEFORE you leave home. This zip-lock can then be placed in the water and boiled with the rice for easier warming.
Vegetable Suggestions: Corn and carrots both work very well. Canned corn and baby carrots are the best, since you want small size for easy heating. The zip-lock bag trick mentioned above works well for vegetables, especially carrots which need additional heating time due to size.
Seasoning Suggestions: Salt and pepper are the standard spice. Teriyaki sauce works ok as well.