No-Bake Desserts
vary with recipe
Individual pie crusts (read on for reason)
zip-lock bags (read on for reason)
Approximate Prep Time: 10-15 minutes       Approximate "Baking" Time: varies
The line of No-Bake desserts is a popular choice on many backpacking trips. Be it cheesecake, mousse, pudding, or something new all it takes is a little bit of patience and an awesome dessert can make day of hiking disappear. .
Milk: If at all possible try to avoid the desserts that require milk in them. Though you can easily use powdered milk for this its another hassle you should try to avoid.
Mixing: While you can certainly use a pot or water bottle to mix your dessert the easier and quicker way is to use a gallon zip-lock. Empty the dry contents into the bag, then add the liquid. Tightly seal the bag and mix away. Take to get all the dry ingredients throughly mixed. And don't over mix, as some desserts will start to set quickly. Once you are ready to pour don't even consider opening the seal. Instead, cut off a small piece of one corner. You now have a home-made pastry bag, and the easist and cleanest way to dispense your dessert.
Crusts: It is highly recommended you buy the individual pie crusts rather than one or two large ones. First off portion control is easy. Second, it is much easier to pour and level your dessert. And finally, cleanup is as simple as ball up the foil and placing it in your trash.
Additions: Most cheesecakes come with a fruit topping, but what about pudding? A slice of banana goes great with many puddings, but dont limit yourself to banana. Most any fruit is an excellent pudding topper. Just one little piece of fruit on top can make that dessert just that much better, and a tad healthy too.
Summary: Especially on a backpacking trip don't overlook dessert. You haved burned quite a lot of calories hiking into camp, and will need a good amount stored and ready for the next hiking day. Dessert is a great way to go to bed with warm feeling inside, ready for the next challenge.