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Centro Educativo Inmaculada Escuela de Jaco

This K-10 school is located in the beautiful beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica.  Just 10 minutes south from the incredible Carara National Park and 40 minutes north of the world famous National Park of Manuel Antonio.  Escuela Inmaculada is a private bilingual-lingual school with about 110 students.  85% are Costa Rican and 15% are from North America and Europe.   The average class sizes are about 20-25 students. 

The school currently has 15 Spanish subject teachers and 3 English teachers.   The department works great together as a team, sharing ideas, lesson plans and creating an atmosphere where the students have fun learning.  Being a school in central america, resources are of course, limited. We were very excited this June with the governmental testing as all students passed, and 80% scored 80% or higher.  Two new English teachers will be hired for the coming school year.(February 2004 - November 2004).   We are looking for motivated, fun to work with and exciting teachers with experience to fill the vacancies for next year. 

Position 1 - Grades 1, 2
Position 2 - Grades 5, 6
Position 3 - team-teaching Grades 7, 8, 9

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We also work with the English teachers to help their fluency in the Spanish language (although teaching English is your primary objective).  Several teachers enjoy teaching Spanish classes to the English teachers to help suppliment their incomes.

If you are interested in teaching English in Costa Rica, please fill out the following application at


and follow the directions.  e-mail the application to Greg at:


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We ask for a minimum 1 year commitment from the teachers.   The salary varies on what credentials you have and subsidized housing for teachers is available if needed.



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