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Celebrating "Ben Bato" Day


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The Spirit Assembly always seems to bring a sea of students dressed in red. They are anticipating which class will  win the Spirit Stick for the month and the ice-cream party that goes along with it!

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1st and 2nd grade "Students of the Week" take hold of their flag with pride and hold it up for all of the kids to see.

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The 1st and 2nd graders hold their American Flags during the Pledge of Allegiance.



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The kids really start getting excited with upbeat and inspirational school songs accompanied by 1st grade teacher Mrs. Fitzpatrick. 

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The "Students of the Week" are presented certificates for their hard work in school.

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The Spirit Assembly has begun and our President who M.C.'d the rally on our new cordless microphone is passing out the Spirit Stick to Mrs. Sourant's 1st grade class.

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Our custodian Ben Bato does so much for the school we crowned him with his own special day.  He was presented his crown by the Student Body President Leslie.  Ben was pleasently surprised at the out pouring of affection. 



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