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2017 Fall Volleyball

Divisions & Standings

Schedule & Results

Send checks payable to CAA and roster to:

Kaye Lord
3137 Rutgers Ave
Long Beach,CA 90808

Player Code of Conduct

The CAA Board wants all participants to know what is expected of players on a team.  Please review and abide by the guidelines presented in the CAA Player Code of Conduct.  Violations will be strictly enforced.  Please refer questions and comments to your team representative or CAA Board member. 

 2017 Summer Softball

Champions - Los Altos United Methodist (LAUMC)

2017 Softball Schedule

2017 Softball Divisions and Standings

CAA Slo-Pitch Softball Rules

Cost this year are:

$250 per team for league fees
$ 75 yearly support fees per CHURCH
$ 13 each game paid to umpire directly

2016 Summer Softball

2016 Softball Schedule

2016 Softball Divisions and Standings

2015 Fall Volleyball

Divisions & Standings

Schedule & Results

Congregation Forfeit Fund Balances

CAA Application Form

CAA General Policies and Regulations


SCIC Office Address

759 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813
(562) 983-1665 Office Phone
(562) 983-8812 Office Fax

Matthew Warren
(562) 233-4325 Cell

Kaye Lord
(562)-565-0912 Cell
3137 Rutgers Ave

Long Beach,CA 9080

SCIC Contact
Adriane Carton
(562) 983-1665 Office

Church Representatives

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