Next Trip: June 26-28, 2015
Meet: Friday, 7:00pm at Seabase
Return: Sunday, approximately 7:00pm to Seabase
RSVP: June 14, 2015
Cost: $TBA (usually about $40.00)
Weather Forecast (Weather Channel): Day 75°, Night 58°.
Wind Summary (NOAA P.O.R.T.S): Coming Soon

Prep Day: Sunday, June 14

Our first Catalina trip of 2015 finds us returning to Avalon.

As always we will meet at the Seabase Friday night and prepare the boats for the trip. We usually go to dinner (or pick it up), so make sure you know what we have planned. Everyone sleeps on board that night, so we can leave before sunrise. This serves two purposed: first it gets us to the island earlier in the day; and second, we get some practice time at night operations, a requirement for Sea Scout advancement. It takes us approximately 4 hours to get to either Avalon, and an early start is essential to getting a good (or any) mooring. And since there is little to no wind this early we must motor the entire trip.

In addition to your sleeping bag, please pack only one small to medium duffel bag with your clothing and personal supplies, as there is not a ton of room on board. For those of you who have not been to the Caribbean, these trips are a great way to figure out what clothing and personal amenities you might wish to bring on that trip. Our Caribbean boat will be much longer, but not much larger in the cabin (or storage space). So efficient use of the available storage space (and controlling how much gear you bring) is very important. Ask Lonny or any of our Caribbean veterans for advice should you need some. Also, don't forget to bring a spending money to buy meals. We will be buying Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast in Avalon. You have the option of buying Saturday lunch on shore or on the boat.

Please remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. It may not be very warm, but there is lots of glare on a boat (and especially the water) and all three of these items are needed. Also, don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear. If you don't have any, we have some in the Seabase locker. If you plan on going to the Caribbean, I suggest you buy at least a mask and snorkel. Even though all of these are available on the Caribbean boat, having your own makes it a much nicer experience (especially if you wear glasses). Again, ask any of our Caribbean veterans for some advice.