History of Troop 29

Troop 29 is the 7th Troop in the Long Beach Area Council to be rechartered for 50 continuous years. If not for the interruption during World War II, Troop 29 would be the second oldest Troop in Long Beach.

Troop 29 was first formed in 1924, making it one of the oldest in Long Beach. The nine registered Scouts held meetings at Mirasol School in Long Beach. Roger Minahan became the Troop's first Eagle Scout in 1925. Growth was slow but steady, with the average Troop size in the inter-war years 23; the largest year being 1932 with 52 registered boys. Eagle Scouts also abounded - 11 in only 16 years.

Troop 29 was disbanded in 1941 when Scoutmaster Joe Shaffer was called to serve in World War II. Although the Troop's 22 registered Scouts chose to stay together as a group, they were unable to find a new Scoutmaster to replace Mr. Shaffer.

Community Presbyterian Church rechartered troop 29 in July of 1943, with twenty-three Scouts and 7 adults registered. By 1964, the Troop was meeting at 1st Presbyterian Church at Del Amo & Orange. Senior Patrol Leader Mike Barber would pick up the church key each Monday after school for the 7:00pm meeting. However, he was quite often late, so the Troop was kept waiting outdoors until his arrival. Also, the church was being remodeled so each week the meeting room was smaller and smaller as new walls went up. Troop 29 was growing and needed larger meeting quarters!

George Burroughs, Unit Commissioner of the Long Beach Area Council for Troop 29, said he thought he could solve the space problem. Troop 16 at Bixby Knolls Christian Church was small and needed boys, so he suggested the Troops merge. As a result, Troop 29 merged with Troop 16 and began meeting in the Fellowship Hall at Bixby Knolls Christian Church, where the Troop still meets today. In the last fifty-nine years of Troop 29's existence there have been 5 chartering organizations, at least 7 different meeting places, and over 750 different Scouts.