Red Hot Apples
Apples (1 per person)
Red Hot candies
Aluminum Foil
Approximate Prep Time of Food: 10-15 minutes       Approximate Time for Coals: 20 to 35 minutes
Approximate Cooking Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Light coals well before beginning prep, since coals take approximately 20-35 minuts to get hot. You will need enough briquettes to cover an area greater then the amount of your desserts. Do not short change how many coals are needed since you can quickly lose heat, causing a couple of desserts to take far longer than they should.
Core each apple in a funnel shapre from the top down, careful to leave enough left of the bottom of the apple to hold in the juices. Place the apple in a square of aluminum foil. Fill the cavity with red hot candies, as much as you want but do not exceed the top of the apple.
Fold the foil on the apple, leaving the opening near the top of the apple. Place your foil pack directly on the coals, preferrably avoiding areas with flame. Do not unwrap for any reason.
After approximately 15 minutes carefully remove and unwrap your apple. If you red hots are melted and and middle juice then your apple is ready to eat. If not, recover with the foil and place it back on the coals. When removing your foil pack from the fire remember that not only is the pack VERY hot but if you use a shovel to remove the foil pack it is possible you will have some coal or embers as well.
Note: This dessert can also be made with caramel, though your cooking time will probably be longer depending on the type of caramel you choose.