Troop 29 Campfire Ashes

In July of 2007 Troop 29 attend summer camp at Camp Pico Blanco. Here we learned of the camp's tradition of adding ashes from their previous campfire to the current one. The ashes they added to their fire supposedly can be traced all the way to the days of Baden-Powell in the early days of Boy Scouting.

Troop 29 has added the following outings to our ashes:

Camp Pico Blanco July, 2007
Death Valley May, 2008
Joshua Tree April, 2008
Camporee @ Santa Fe Dam May, 2008
Camp Chawanakee July, 2008
Joshua Tree March, 2009
Camporee @ El Dorado Park May, 2009
Camp Cherry Valley July, 2009
Camporee @ Santa Fe Dam October, 2009
Camporee @ Emerald Bay May, 2010