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Pictures from the Carnival

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A couple of Students locked up in the Jail.   There was no getting out for these two.  They were put in The Jail about 10 times each. 


An overview of what our two Student Council booths looked like.  The jail made over $400.00.  Tickets were $0.25 a piece.   It cost 2 tickets to put a friend in jail and to get out of jail, someone had to bail you out for 1 ticket.  Our pop-corn booth next door sold our usual 7 oz. bags for 2 tickets a piece. The kids had a great time working the booths. C_Jail.jpg (15645 bytes)

C_Jess_Britt_Hats.jpg (13214 bytes)

Two of the jailers are shown here.  They wore hats so everyone new who was getting arrested.  To arrest a someone and put them in jail, a warrant had to be bought for two tickets.  A Student Council Sheriff then had to go out with the person who purchased the warrant and find the newest member of our jail.  Bail then could be posted by anyone.


No one was excused from being arrested.   Shown here is Principal Hedges and Student Council Sponsor, Mr. Pepek.  The students seemed to get a kick out of seeing what Mr. Hedges looked like behind bars.   He had never had a problem getting in trouble, until the Madison Carnival. C_Teach_Princ_Jail.jpg (21131 bytes)




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