The boy cried


One evening I wanted to go out. My mom's friend Cindy said, "I cant I have my little boy with me today." My mom said, "Well my daugher will watch him for you."  "Ok." said Cindy, "I’ll be there at 5:00."   "Well we’re here Monique," my mom announced.  They left after we got there. The little boy stayed with me. Then he watched TV and he was bored and afterwords fell asleep.  He woke up, and I went up stairs. I later fell down the stairs and he laughed at me.  After that he asked me if he could play and I said, "No!"  He started to cry.  His mom came home asked why was he crying.   I told her and she said, you're on restriction. Then he started to cry more and more. We went home and I went to sleep.

by Monique # 34

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