Things In Forests

There are a lot of things in the forest like birds, leaves, grass, mushrooms, rocks, flowers, other living and non-living things! Many of these are very colorful and if you look in the forest you will see many different things.

If you dug a hole in the ground, you would see dirt and things that live underground like worms, millipedes, and short tailed shrews. Short tailed shrews live in tunnels unlike worms and millipedes. Ants live in tunnels as well.

Many things live inside of the trees like animals, insects and plants. Some of these are Harry Woodpeckers, honey bees, walking sticks and owls. Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks live on top of trees behind the leaves and can fly away any time. There are many types of things that live there.

There are lobed leaves that are on top of trees and leaves that are alternative also. There are leaves on the tops and sides of trees. There are also leaves on the ground because they fall from the trees. There are some leaves in the grass and they are broken down by bacteria called decomposers.

You can find things inside of logs like chipmunks and fungi, and under the trees are tunnels and small animals and grass. You can find lots of insects and animals in a forest. But some animals don’t come out until night and you need to look really hard for those!

By: Clairessa  # 33


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