The Aquarium

When my 5th grade class went to the aquarium we saw fish, sharks, seals, sea lions, and we got to touch a stingrays.  I didn’t because everyone was saying it was slimy! For dinner we ate pizza and for breakfast we ate cereal right next to the seals as they swam over and around us!   After we ate pizza in the night we saw fireworks that came from the Queen Mary. We also got to make T- shirts that said PREDATOR, PREY AND PAJAMAS. We got to paint on it. Everybody got paint on their clothes. We got to eat a bedtime snack. The girls got to sleep with the sharks and the boys slept by the sea otters.  Jessica, Ali, and I stayed up talking all night long.  In the morning we got up at 5:30! When we went to bed we were talking and watching a movie.  I had a good time. When we got too loud or the teachers wanted our attention they would say "Predator" and we would have to say "Prey." The Aquarium was BIG! They had a lot of fish. Mostly all of the girls stayed up talking. When we left on the bus everyone was talking about the aquarium.   Even I was talking. When we got back to school we talked about what we did at Predator Prey and Pajamas overnight fieldtrip.

By Clairessa # 33

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