On Oct.21, 1999 we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We waited for the bus to come pick us up.

When we got to the Aquarium we had to listen to the directions. We put our bags and stuff into the bin. The boys put theirs into separate than the girls.

All of us went to a little arena to do stuff.  Before we went to bed we ate dinner and we had pizza! Then we saw some neat fireworks at the Queen Mary.   After that we got a shirt from the aquarium. It was an activity we had to do. We painted things on the shirt like, star fish, shells and some more animals.

Before we went to bed, we changed into our p.j’s, brushed our teeth then we walked back to the place where we slept.  Some of the lights were turned off.

Then the next morning, we woke up. Again we changed into our new clothes. After that we got to eat breakfast with the seals.  (we ate cereal). We got to touch some sting rays. The next thing we did was go inside a place with fishes in the tanks and learn a lot of facts about the other fishes.

We were about to leave, but before we left we got to go on a large boat that was next to the aquarium. We just checked out some stuff. Then the bus came and we had to say good-bye to the aquarium. That was a good night, of sleeping with the fishes.

by Suzanne # 30


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