Scorpio and the Fight with Leomon

One day there was a scorpion named Scorpio. He was a good scorpion, who helped lots of scorpions out when they needed help. He lived in Scorpion Town. Then one day a bad lion named Leomon came and ruined the scorpion’s home. One day Scorpio came and saw the scorpions homes. He asked one and they said that a bad lion named Leomon did it.

When Leomon came, Scorpio asked why he did that. Leomon said nothing, he just asked him to fight with him. Scorpio accepted his challenge. Scorpio poisoned him and Leomon got weak, but then Leomon knocked Scorpio up into the sky. The fight was all over. Leomon left and the Scorpions were crying. But every night they would see him up in the stars. That’s why Scorpio is a constellation.

By Andy Sok #29



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