Soccer Day

One sunny morning on Saturday, Lucia spent the night and we got dressed to go to my soccer game.  I put on my uniform for soccer and Lucia put on her clothes.  She asked, "What is your team name?"  I said, we're The Rebels. Lucia and I were ready so I screamed, "Dad we're ready to go." So we left about 5 minutes later.

At the park I was playing a red and blue team whose name was Down Right Dangerous.   We tried our best to beat them.  We made 4 goals and they made 2 goals.   I played a girl from school whose name is Olivia.  When the referee blew the whistle and I shouted, "We won!"  My team mom gave us a lollipop for each player on the other team when we gave high fives.  Then the parents made a tunnel so we could go through it.  But before that the other team made a tunnel for us and we make a tunnel for them and we sang, "I say we are proud of you, I say we are proud of you, hey hey hey," until the whole team goes through.  Lucia was proud of my team because we won the game.  The score was 4 to 2.  We beat my friend Olivia`s team they tried their best to beat my team. But we won.

By Jessica #25


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