Ash, Misty, and Pikachu are now in Pewter City, and Ash is ready to have another adventure. "Can you believe we are out of the Viridian Forest," said Ash. "For a moment I thought we were going to be stuck in that forest forever." "Hey Ash look at this poster," said Misty. Ash saw the sign and it said "POKE’MON LEAGUE, TODAY’S TRAINERS ARE TOMMOROWS CHAMPIONS."

    "Boy I think I could enter the Poke’mon league," said Ash. "But you have to travel from town to town and battle other trainers and win their badges as proof so you can enter the Poke’mon league," said Misty. "Why don’t you battle Brock the Pewter City gym leader." "Ok I’ll battle Brock," said Ash.

    So Ash and Pikachu went to the gym. "Hello!" yelled Ash. "Who is it?" said someone. "So you must be Brock, I’m Ash Ketchem from Pallet town I challenge you," Ash said. "Ok than, we’ll use 2 Poke’mon each let the match begin."

"Onix go!" said Brock. (Onix is a huge snake made out of rocks it’s body is a very powerful weapon) "Ok than Pikachu go," said Ash. "Onix tackle attack," shouted Brock. Onix slammed himself into the ground heading for Pikachu. "Pikachu quick attack!" Pikachu used quick attack, and slammed himself into Onix. Brock screamed, "Onix bind it."

"Pikachu thunder wave," said Ash. Pikachu shot bolts of lightning out of his body, but Onix wasn’t effected. "Electricity doesn’t have an effect on rock Poke’mon," said Brock. "Wait I surrender!" yelled Ash.  Later when Ash and Misty met up he asked.  "How can I beat Brock and his Onix?" 

"I know you can give Pikachu rare candy.  Rare candy can raise a Poke’mon’s power level," said Misty. "But where am I going to find rare candy?" asked Ash. "Hey," a man in the corner announced, "I couldn’t help but overhear that you need rare candy."

"We do." Ash said. "Well here you can have this rare candy I found it a long time ago but I never had a Poke’mon to use it on so guess you should use it." Later (after Ash gave Pikachu rare candy) Ash went up to Brock and said, "OK so you want another match I exept your match.  We will use 2 Poke’mon each let the match begin.  I’ll start with Geodude," said Brock. (Geodude is a rock with arms and hands on it’s sides and it is a Poke’mon with incredible strength) "OK than, Pidgeotto I choose you," said Ash. "Pidgeotto gust attack," said Ash. Pidgeotto used his wings to blow wind at Geodude, but Geodude didn’t move.

    "Bad stagratedy!  Flying Poke’mon are weak against rock Poke’mon," said Brock. "Geodude body slam," said Brock. Geodude slammed its body on Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto fainted. "Are you giving up again Ash," said Brock. "No way, Pikachu I choose you," said Ash. "Pikachu thundershock," said Ash. Lightning shot out of Pikachu’s body. Geodude fainted. "You’ve raised Pikachu better but it’s still no match for Onix!" said Brock. "Pikachu thunder," said Ash. Pikachu shot thunder out from its checks.

"Onix bind it!" yelled Brock. "Pikachu thunder!" Ash yelled. Onix fainted. "You have beaten me so this Boulderbadge is yours now," Brock said. So Ash finally got a Boulderbadge. Now Ash and his friends continue on their quest…


by  Anthony  # 21


P.s.  I love you Mom and Dad.

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