Dear Aunt Margie,


It’s me, Anthony, on the Internet! Isn’t this great! We’re finally moving into the new Millennium! I have a great new teacher, his name is Mr. Pepek. We have a computer in our class. I start my day by coming into class and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and then we do our Bellworks books (Bellworks books are books that test us on Language and Math). Then we get ready for reading class. First we read a book of our choice for 15 minutes, then we read a book together in class (this month we are reading Abel’s Island a book about a mouse who once lead a happy life but then got stranded on an island). After reading class we go out for recess. After school Mom, Amanda, and I walk home. When we get home I do my homework, than watch an hour of TV. On Monday I go to soccer practice. I have put one of the stories I wrote on my school web site. The story on the web is called I GOT A BOULDERBADGE. And the address to our web site is

Well, that’s all I do on weekdays. I have a lot of new friends on the block that I play with after school. I’m going on a field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium and guess what, we are going to spend the night IN the aquarium! It should be really cool!

Why don’t you check out my school web site and check out my work. My student # is 21 in case it asks you for it. Write back to me.


Anthony #21

P.S. Tell me what you do everyday.

P.P.S. Mom says "hi" too.  :-)


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