Our Exciting Over Night

Trip to the Aquarium

When we first got to the Aquarium, we got settled in and we put our stuff away and ate pizza and apple juice for dinner.  Then we sat down in front of an extremely big fish tank and the tour guides told us about marine life. We later got official aquarium t-shirts and painted them.  (I painted a fish, a shellfish, and a seashell)  Then we when outside and saw a fireworks show that was shooting over the ship the Queen Mary.  Pretty soon after that we had to get ready for bed.  We went into the bathroom and brushed our teeth.  In the nighttime we watched a TV marine movie before we went to bed. Then the tour guides said it would soon be pitch black for sleep, but it wasn’t so my friend Kevin and I didn’t sleep that much.   It was fun.

When we woke up we had Lucky charms, trix, and cocoa puffs while sitting under and in front of the sea lion and seal tank. We went on a tour around the Aquarium.  I snapped some good shots of sea creatures.  I had a great time at the Aquarium and I hope we go back soon.

Anthony  #21


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