The Pumpkin Partner

On Halloween, Manny was my pairs partner at the ice rink.   Manny and I had to practice lifts. Manny said, "I am not feeling well right now."  He lifted me up into a lift and when I looked down his arms were vines.   Manny had turned into a great big orange pumpkin.

He spun around and grabbed me with his vine like hands.  I screamed, "Let me go! Let me go!"  Manny just held me tighter.  I yelled, "Melissa help me!"  She said, "I’ll be right there Nicole just hold on."

Melissa skated over as fast as she could but Manny got her too.  Manny let go of me.  He started spinning Melissa around and she started to kick him. She said, "Go get Robert."

I skated over to the boards as fast as I could go.  I ran up the stairs and down the hall to the coach’s room.  I threw open the door and Robert looked up and said, "Why did you get off the ice?"  I told him that Manny turned into a pumpkin and he had captured Melissa. She's in big trouble. He said, "I will get to the bottom of this.  Just wait and see."

Robert showed Manny a knife.  Robert said, "I like pumpkin pie. So turn lose of Melissa or we will all have pumpkin pie."  Manny let go of Melissa and said "It was only my costume for Halloween. Can’t you guys take a joke?"

ha ha


By: Nicole #18

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