The Haunted House

One night I was doing my homework and I was almost done.  My parents were talking about going to a haunted house.  I just ignored what they said but I noticed I was hurrying for no apparent reason.  They came out of their room and asked, "Do you guys want to go to a haunted house?". Emma and I screamed, "YES, YES, YES! ! !"

A half hour later we left for the haunted house. I thought it was going to be a little one, but it wasn’t!  I started to get chicken when we got there, but I went in anyway.  Most of the stuff was normal but when we got to the pumpkin clown I got very scared. We started to think it wasn't going to try to hurt us but we were wrong.   I looked back behind and it was after us. Emma and I pushed our parents out of the way and we ran screaming our lungs out all the way out the door.

"That’s the last time I am ever going in there!" I panted.    "Unless they make it scarier next time," announce Emma.

Kayla #12

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