There are many different types of things that live in and under trees. If you look in those places you will see many different animals and insects. Like squirrels, chipmunks, earthworms, walking sticks, mushrooms and different types of birds.

Birds are all different colors. They build nests and have nestling in the trees. The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak builds its nest in branches of the tree while the Harry Woodpecker builds theirs inside of the tree trunk. Owls have really big eyes to help them see at night. They are brown feathery creatures. Owls are very pretty and live in high trees.

Some insects and animals live underground, like earthworms, groundhogs, and gophers. Worms are gooey and some are very big. Gophers are like round fuzzy balls, that digs holes underground. Groundhogs live underground and dig holes just like gophers.

Also some animals dig holes, and some just crawl around the trees. Like a honeybee and a walking stick. A honeybee makes a nest full of honey in it. A walking stick is as skinny as a stick and it walks. That’s why they call it a walking stick.

There are many animals and insects that live underground and in trees. They live together helping created the forests we love.

By: Brittany Contreras # 7

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