Overnight at the Aquarium

   Mr. Pepek's fifth grade class, six kids from Mrs.Van Camp’s class, and six kids from Mrs. Kuntz's class went to the Aquarium Of The Pacific in Long Beach.  Everyone had an exciting trip. The boys slept with the Sea Otters and the girls slept in the fish and the black tipped sharks tank. Our instructors were really nice.  Their names were Ralph, Kristen, and Alisa.  We ate pizza for dinner and had cranberry juice to drink. I didn‘t like the drink.  I thought that the little eels were so cute they looked like little worms. 

    My favorite part is that we got to sleep there.  The most interesting fish I think was the Unicorn fish, because it has a horn on the top of it’s head just like a real unicorn. I also thought the sharks were pretty interesting too.  I didn’t want to touch the string rays because they looked slimy.  I had a good time and I wish I could go again.

By: Brittany 10-27-99  #7

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