One day I went camping at Hiking Hill and there was a girl that always picked on me.   I grabbed a whole bucket of mud and threw it in her tent window.

I started to head home and she started chasing me.  I got my big brother Michael and my two big cousins Terry, and Sidney.  We started to ride our bikes up Pumpkin Hill. I fell into the pumpkin’s eye.  Michael, Terry, and Sidney jumped in after me.  Little pumpkins came running in after us and their cheif pumpkin master was sitting in a corner.

The cheif's name was Chester A. Manchester.  He sat us down and told us a story about a witch. He said she put a spell on him.  She told him, "You have to teach these young pumpkins to obey me or you will stay a pumpkin for all eternity."

The witch was the girl that I threw mud on.  She chased us around the ditch and put another spell on him. 

We finally got out of the pumpkin's eye. We decided to never go camping at Hiking Hill again.

By: Tasha #05


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