A long time ago, back in the 17th century there was a man named Long John Silver who was seeking a lost hidden treasure on an island that no one knew about. He was trying to find this treasure for himself and his shipmates so that he could buy a bigger ship. When they found the island he yelled, "We're here!"

They pulled up to the island and a day later they got off and started their journey.   First they found a lady at her shop and Long John Silver shouted at her, "Do you have any supplies?"

Then he went over to the shop and asked, "Do you have a map of the island?" Long John Silver bought the map and went off.  Suddenly they found a three headed statue.  The three headed statue said, "Go east.  No, west.  No, south!"

They decided to go north and while they were walking they saw some people trying to blow up the island.  They were splitting up into groups but there were these wormholes.  Most of them got away but many didn’t.  Someone yelled, " Let’s get out of here," so they started to run.

They heard sounds so they ran after them.  Lucky for them they found a cave and when they turned around they had found the treasure. So they got the treasure and headed toward the ship. They got to the ship and sailed off and they got back and lived a very rich life.

By Justin  #4



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